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Accountability Agreements Ontario Public Health

In 2011, the province used “responsibility agreements” as a starting point to help public health care facilities stay on track in meeting public health goals. Beyond concerns about specific indicators, there are concerns about the broader accountability system. Overall, many interviewees viewed the accountability system as a goal to ensure bureaucratic compliance with Ontario`s public health standards, as well as to generate learning to improve the performance and health of the local population. Ten of the 27 (37%) Health officials who completed our web-based investigation felt that accountability agreements would not contribute at all to the performance of their PHUs, or to a small extent. Thirteen respondents (48%) a moderate contribution, and only four (15%) a great contribution to performance. 84% of those interviewed by the head of the PHU felt that the system intended to measure compliance with performance expectations in the public health sector. While most agreed that the focus was also on learning, a third (33.3%) He felt that the system would focus primarily on learning and improving performance. 2. The Public Health Council makes the program`s cost information available.

To do this, all health facilities follow Ontario`s Public Health Standards (OPHS) from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. The OPHS outlines the minimums that each health unit in Ontario must provide to the public and the expected public health improvements that each program should achieve. 18. The Public Health Council may not have assets of more than $100,000 without prior written confirmation from the department. The importance of internal accountability mechanisms is a common theme for many phus. These internal mechanisms – typically performance measurement and management systems – include long-term strategic planning, the data evaluation process, performance management, stand-alone evaluations and priority setting. Thus, in an internal reporting mechanism of the PHU, twice a month occur under the direction and also culminate with a closing report: 11. The Health Council uses the grant only for the purposes of the Health Protection and Promotion Act and to provide or deliver programs and services in accordance with the Health and Promotion Act, foundation and program standards and the agreement between the Ministry and the Ministry of Health. The ministry has a responsibility to ensure that public health funding is used in accordance with accepted accounting standards, legal requirements and government policy expectations. 14. The Public Health Council ensures that the administration implements appropriate financial management and oversight that ensures that the accountability framework is supported by three (3) types of accountability framework documents, which are as follows: we have indeed put in place a number of mechanisms that increasingly require us to be accountable.