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Draft Agreement For Sale Of Parking Space

The owner cannot charge you for parking separately. The construction costs, i.e. the price per square metre (which includes the cost of common areas next to your apartment) should include parking. All agreements that make such provisions or receipts for parking are illegal. 3) Risk include the compensation clause to read very carefully and park under the RERA Act. After the order SC owner are not allowed to sell parking spaces. 3) Owner cannot charge parking fees, as it is part of the common area for the good of all members According to the “Housing Act” in most states, parking is part of the common area. Since the purchase of parking spaces was considered illegal, the transaction would be null and void to purchase. Once registered, the housing company becomes the owner of all common areas of the apartment complex, including car parks. 4. Accepted by the first party that the parking ticket also appears in the sales file that transmits you the title of the parking statement, Mullick adds that the FAQ No. 9 allows the sale of a garage, as defined in law and also the sale of a covered parking lot, as defined in the Maharashtra RERA rules. “Open car parks cannot be sold under RERA, only garages can be sold,” he adds.

The Supreme Court of Justice in Nahalchand Laloochand Private Limited v/s Panchali Co-operative Housing Society Limited (2010) 9 CCS 536 found that in the Maharashtra Ownership of Flat Act, 1963, the stilt surface could not be treated as a garage. The Tribunal also found that parking spaces (open part or gestylter) cannot be excluded from the community area and MOFA facilities. You can add in the sale state that the apartment comes with parking in the stilt area that indicates the area of the stilt floor. The owner should make marks on the stilt parking that delimits the parking lot for all apartments, in which case each will have a designated parking lot. This simple contract format has been developed taking into account recent dynamics and trends. It covers the finer aspects arising from the contractual relationship between the owner and Parker. Increased vehicle sales are also leading to increased pollution, stifling traffic and, above all, congestion and a shortage of parking spaces. In such a scenario, the task is to find permanent parking spaces for car owners and aggregators. Years: If not mentioned, you may not have a parking space. 2) Owner invites you offically for the sale of parking 1. If the car space is not a closed garage, then it would be illegal to sell/buy such parking, more than non-FSI spaces can be purchased and all these non-fsi spaces are classified as common open spaces.

To make a parking contract valid, perform the following steps- Car owners are constantly looking for safe spaces to secure their vehicles during operating hours. This has led to a massive increase in demand for organized parking spaces. Paid parking and contracted parking are new concepts that are developing in concrete jungles. The owners rent a car park for a fixed fee to the tenants. Professional valet companies rent land and convert it into collective carports. Years: Sale Deed is a document under which you can get the title in the apartment and also the location for the parking car. “This aspect has also been covered by MahaRERA`s FAQ No. 9, stating that open parking spaces must be included in the definition of common spaces that must be forwarded to the Allottees Association after receipt of OC and, therefore, the sale or allocation of open parking spaces by the organisers is not permitted,” explains Sudip Mullick, partner, Khaitan and Co. 1.