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One Time Bonus Agreement

The amount of the award is determined by the head of the working group for each employee based on his personal achievements and his contribution to the overall result of the team. The degree of participation of each employee in the overall results of the team`s work is determined by an individual coefficient of labour market participation. The value of this coefficient for each employee can be determined by the collective of work itself or by its manager. The bonus amount of a single employee is not limited to the maximum sizes. (i) calculating premiums. The entity will base the premium on the ratio of actual EBITDA for one year to budgeted EBITDA, as defined by the Board of Directors for this fiscal year. If the effective EBITDA corresponds to the budgeted EBITDA for one year, the bonus amounts to 60% of the executive`s base salary at the time, with the bonus being increased by 2% of the base salary for every $1 million that exceeds the actual EBITDA for a year of this type, provided that the bonus does not exceed $400,000 for an exercise (or the basic salary of executives). , the basic salary should be increased if the basic treatment is increased. 2000, point 12. The bonus payments are made during the month following the reference month, at the same time as the payment of salaries for that month (reporting). 5. For reasonable bonuses for workers, the leaders of working groups must ensure systematic accounting and documentary reflection of the bonuses used.

increase in the volume of export shipments (up to 3% of the amount of foreign currency received from export, converted to the rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus at the time of receipt of these funds in Belarusian ruble); performing production tasks, normal (functional) tasks and special tasks; The indicators written in the document are used as the basis for calculating monetary incentives. They need to be clearly explained. A double interpretation can be controversial. Wave definitions are not recommended. The definitions do not show when a staff member should receive a promotion. Two interpretations will cause discontent. Workers who are abandoned without inducement can apply to the employer. The staff bonus system works inefficiently. The section contains information on the issuance of scheduled incentives by appointment.

Recommendation of a candidate who was then recruited by the company and passed the hiring exam. The additional conditions and the procedure for calculating and paying for such a bonus are defined in Appendix 1.4 of this regulation. The regulations on bonuses and material incentives for workers were developed and implemented to protect the interests of the worker; Improve the quality of the tasks assigned to the structural unit of the company in which the worker works; Ensure that staff in their duties will perform in a timely and scrupulous manner; Increased responsibility for the work assigned to the employee; Improving the quality of services provided by the company; Improved economic indicators. When an additional bonus between the company and an employee provides an annual base bonus, the calculation of the final annual business bonus is based on the amount of the annual basic bonus. 2.1. The imputation and payment of any form of bonuses to company employees is subject to one or more of the following conditions: successful results of the company`s work, its structural and separate divisions. To assess the success of firm and its divisions, the economic activity planning system is used (plans are developed, plan indicators are defined); Successful and conscientious completion of the tasks entrusted to them by staff; initiative, creative approach and application of modern forms and methods of organizing work in the workplace.