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Passport Agreement Iupui

“Given all that we have before us, this new guaranteed welcome agreement is more important than ever to strengthen higher education across the state and to give Indiana residents opportunities to obtain degrees that will lead to a better future.” Rebecca Porter, Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs at IUPUI, confirms that the Passport plays a “wonderful matchmaker role” with these agreements. For example, if there are concerns about mathematics training, “we can bring together the faculties of the two institutions to talk about how they advance the order of courses: what are the themes? What is the content and how to teach this content? Are we going to let students use calculators? Helman stresses, however, that it is his responsibility to “bring the faculty together and let it speak wisely, but to avoid it…. I say to the faculty, whatever you want to do to connect to the Community University, or vice versa, but you do not have time — you have to synchronize all the calendars, book a room and make sure — we will do it. The maintenance of transfer agreements is also facilitated by a joint institutional researcher who analyzes transfer student data and keeps both institutions informed of changes to enrolment models and student performance. But the most important thing is the open lines of communication between the two institutions, Says Porter. “Personal conversations can be a matter of a lot of assumptions on both sides – if you make people talk about their disciplines and teaching methods, the commonalities are much more obvious than the differences.” To decide where they should be transferred, there are some things to consider, including: whether the credits you deserve are transferable to this institution, the compatibility between the Ivy Tech program and the program from other institutions and the availability of the program you are looking for. We have a large number of transfer contracts with other universities and universities. Click on the bottom left for more details on these partnerships! INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Inside INdiana Business) – Ivy Tech Community College and IUPUI have reached an agreement that they say will create new ways for transfer students. Starting next month, ivy-tech students from across the state will be guaranteed to IUPUI by the guaranteed admission agreement. One of the oldest and most important tasks entrusted to the Passport office was to facilitate transfer agreements between the two institutions. “We work with the faculty to understand not only the courses students take, but also why and how it fits into a work of knowledge,” says Helman. Passport brings together the faculties of the two institutions to discuss “how what students take in the two-year-old school mixes with what they learn in the four-year school to form complete knowledge.” The first step in planning your transfer is to find out if there is a transfer contract that matches your academic goal.

There are many agreements across the state, and your campus transfer lawyer can help you identify programs near you. Schools say the agreement is another initiative to extend the reach of the IUPUI Passport Office in Indianapolis and surrounding counties to the entire National Ivy Tech system. INDIANAPOLIS — A new agreement between Ivy Tech Community College and IUPUI will strengthen their strong partnership and create pathways for transfer students.