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Rockwell Automation Service Agreement

Learn more about how to avoid downtime with a parts management agreement. Contact us today! Contact your Horizon Solutions representative or create a “My Rockwell” account and we`ll send you the documents you need to send your piece directly to the OEM. This touchless service goes far beyond a simple solution. Rockwell Automation uses a seven-step process to make sure your parts return to you in optimal condition. Balance of 30 (30) days from the billing date with authorized current balance, as determined by the seller. The seller can make partial accounts and demand incremental payments. The seller reserves the right to make invoices electronically and to receive payment by electronic transfer. Credit card payment is subject, if applicable, to credit card validation and authorization both at the time of agreement and just before shipping. The seller reserves the right to suspend any other benefits under this subpage or in some other way if the payment is not made at maturity. Compensation is not allowed. Interest expense is added to outstanding invoices of 1.5% per month (subject to legal restrictions). Apply to the purchase of all-Bradley brands products and rockwell software and related services. (1) English language 24×7 available.

Assistance available in local languages during normal working hours from 8-5 Monday to Friday. 2. Purchasing a contract offers the opportunity to purchase e-learning subscriptions at prices that are only available to support contract customers. (3) Exclusions may apply. (4) After completion of the basic assessment installtTM. Legal agreement between each user of this site and Rockwell Automation. The agreement thus established and all disputes arising from it are governed by domestic laws and are interpreted in accordance with domestic laws and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the State, the province or other public court where the seller`s main place of activity resides, excluding in particular the provisions of the 1980 United Nations Convention on International Contracts for the Sale of Goods. In the event that a provision or provision of this contract is, under current legislation, totally or partially invalid or unenforceable, the rest of the agreement to which it has been established will not be affected. Your infrastructure is the backbone of your business and our IT and automation know-how can help you evaluate, design, implement and manage your OT environment. Do you need help with virtual infrastructure, networks or cybersecurity? Whether you`re a site or a business, the services are modulated to meet you everywhere on your global convergence journey. There are three levels of service, and they all carry guarantees of one to several years.

As it is necessary to replace the spare parts consumed, just inform our Rockwell Automation Services group by email with the item number. We offer a variety of service levels for storage filling. “There are many companies around the world that rely on older systems to meet current production requirements, either because they don`t have the capital to update them or because there are too many outdated systems to address everyone at the same time,” said Lonnie Morris, Senior Director of Rockwell Automation. “In fact, the ARC Advisory Group recently reported that 88 per cent of process manufacturers have recognized the use of automation beyond the manufacturer`s due date.