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Tusd Employee Agreements

Antonia Velasco x 1301 Credential Analyst for Certificated Employees Tamara Ferrario x 1303 Director of Human Resources and Employee Relations Nora Angel x 1304 Secretary to the Assoc. Superintendent of Human Resources Luz Gallegos x 1306 Human Resources Technician for Evelyn Martinez Certified Employees, x 1308 Human Resources Technicians Tammy Jalique Associate Superintendent of Human Resources Tustin Unified School District School is committed to providing district staff and candidates with a safe and positive environment in which they will have full and equal access to employment and opportunities, protection from harassment or intimidation, and the freedom from fear of reprisals or reprisals under the law. The district forbids its collaborators, other collaborators or candidates in the district, on the basis of actual or perceived race, religious belief, skin colour, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, illness, genetic information, military and veteran status, sex, gender identity, sexual expression, sex or sexual orientation, or association with a person or group or group with one or more of these characteristics. No one can be denied a job because of a disability that has nothing to do with the ability to perform activities related to the organization or program for which an application was made. If you need suitable accommodation to participate in the hiring process, the district/district office will provide you with one on notice. Stacy Johnson x 1309 Staff Technicians Work/Safety Allowance. The Rector – Louis Bohn Elementary School – Tracy Unified School District Associate Superintendent of Human Resources – Tracy Unified School District. Economic Educator – Merrill F. West High School – Tracy Unified School District Article 6 – CSMA Health and Wellness Services Article 7 – CSMA Holidays Article 8 – CSMA Holidays Article 9 – CSMA Absence Leave Article 10 – CSMA Evaluation Procedure Article 11 – CSMA Discipline and Personal file Article 1 2 – CSMA Layoff and Reemployment Article 13 – CSMA Maintenance of Operations Article 14 – CSMA Grievance Procedure Article 15 – CSMA Organizational Security Article 16 – CSMA Severability and Savings Article 17 – CSMA Duration and Conditions . TO be considered for this position, you must submit a transfer card to Lori Dixon in personal services that list up to three websites that interest you the most. (These openings change when positions are filled.) .

Teacher (dual immersion), pool of candidates, basic level (K-5) . Article 1-2 AME Agreement and Recognition Article 3 – AES Definitions Article 4 – AES Wages Article 5 – HOURS of AME Work Article 6 – AME Health and Wellness Assistance Article 7 – AES Leaves Article 8 – AES Transfer and Reassi Of Personnel Article 9 – AES Working Conditions Article 10 – Tea Class Size Article 11 – AES Evaluation Procedure Article 12 – AES Grievance Procedure Article 13 – Organizational Security Article 14 – AES Association Rights Article 15 – AME Negotiated Procedure Article 16 – AES Management R Article 17 – Withdrawal of Wages Article 18 – AES Complaints Article 19 – Links Left Intentional Intention Article 20 – Empty Links Intentionally Article 21 – AES Shared Contracts Article 22 – TEA Itinerrate Bargaining Unit Member Article 23 – AES No Strike Article 24 – TEA Discipline Article 25 – AES Resignation and Retirement Article 26 – AES Savings Article 27 – AES Duration Article 28 – AES Contract Procedures