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Employment Agreement Pakistan

Under agreements with the delegate to collective agreements, workers who go on pilgrimage, i.e. the Hajj, the Umra, the Ziarat, receive a special leave of up to 60 days. Your letter of appointment (employment contract) must indicate the nature of your employment (duration or duration, nature of the work, i.e. job description, terms of use, etc.). As mentioned in question 5.1, labour law in Pakistan does not provide for workers` rights in the event of a business sale. However, in practice, a collective agreement can be entered into between the workers and the purchaser on fairly negotiated terms. In addition, for such transactions, the buyer owns all the employees and takes over the operation with all responsibilities and commitments. Apart from the factors mentioned above, your employment contract/letter of appointment must also clearly indicate whether your job is governed by general or specific labour laws, such as the Mining Work Act, newspaper employees or road employees. In addition, their employment contract takes precedence over labour law if your employment contract is negotiated on different terms than those of labour law. You must therefore check whether your employment contract is in compliance or different from the provisions of labour law. 9.2 What is the procedure for work-related complaints? Is mediation mandatory before a complaint can be filed? Does an employee have to pay a fee to file a claim? Employers have the right to dismiss workers for a number of reasons, including misconduct, cuts, layoffs and closures.

The 1968 Order on Industrial and Commercial Employment of West Pakistan contains a list of acts and omissions which, when committed by an employee, may constitute misconduct and result in termination. Standing orders also give the employer the right to stop working in an institution in the event of disasters, riots, fires, etc. However, under these conditions, the employer cannot terminate the employment of more than 50% of the workers or close the entire institution without prior authorization from the labour tribunal. 6.1 Should workers be made redundant? How is the notice period set? The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa legislation also defines a contract worker as “a worker who works on a contractual basis for a specified period of time mentioned in the contract letter.” Legislation requires an employer to obtain a Certificate No of Objection (NOC) from the Ministry of Labour to assign peripheral jobs, not those related to the organization`s core business. This NOC is issued at the same time only for a period of six months and contains certain conditions related to the employment and employment of contract workers. It goes without saying that the first [schedule] of employment is a trial period. During this period, the worker is not entitled to leave or other paid benefits. During this period, the employer also exercises the right to terminate the employment at any time without notice.