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Bcito Training Agreement

The entire valuation is handled by BCITO – you don`t need to mark the accounting. Most trainees are assessed on-site by their BCITO training advisor. Your committed BCITO training advisor conducts a formal and structured assessment process. Once your trainee has achieved all the unitary standards within the qualification, they obtain an NZQA qualification. To the extent that you are in commerce and use the myBCITO Platform in commerce, you agree that: (i) you have not relied on assurances or other conduct on our part to accept these Terms, whether prior to the adoption of these Terms or at a later date; (ii) together with our Privacy Policy, these Terms set out the entire agreement between you and us regarding your use of the myBCITO Platform; and (iii) to the extent necessary to enter into force (i) and (ii) above, you agree to enter into a contract under sections 9, 12A and 13 of the Fair Trading Act 1986. A BCITO training advisor is assigned to his apprentice, who is his professional expert in the workplace. The role of the training counsellor is to collect and consider evidence and assess your apprentice`s skills and knowledge. Training counsellors also help employers learn and take care of apprentices to help them become skilled craftsmen. Your training advisor will visit you at least four times a year to assess your apprentice`s progress. If you host an intern, you are the mentor and evaluator of their skills. BCITO training advisors will visit regularly to assess your trainee`s progress based on their NZQA qualifications.

The entire valuation is handled by BCITO – you don`t need to mark the accounting. You provide evidence (e.g.B. written or photographic evidence and references) of your skills and a BCITO advisor visits you on site for practical assessments. If we feel that your industrial experience is solid, we can include you in a BCITO training contract and start the process. If the assessment highlights areas that require additional work, you need to perform additional assessment activities – we provide BCITO resources to prepare for them. Apprentices in certain occupations may also have to undergo off-job training – your BCITO advisor will explain to you at the time of registration the exact process of your particular trade. Hiring apprentices and training your employees makes your business more efficient and profitable. For New Zealand`s future, it is also important that you pass on your valuable knowledge to the next generation. Your BCITO Training Advisor will visit you at least four times a year. If it is not quite time to make a planned visit and you would like advice on your training and progress, do not hesitate to contact us. We help you create your training contract with your employer. .

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