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Rental Agreement With Girlfriend

Talk to a lawyer about your specific problems. Email with rental questions to or write to Kelly Klein c/o Star Tribune, 650 3rd Av. S., Minneapolis, MN 55488. The information provided by readers is not confidential. However, in unusual cases, especially when a person lives with friends or family, there may be what the law calls the “all-you-can-eat lease.” In these cases where the tenant is not required to pay the rent, the lessor must inform the tenant at least three months before the tenant`s evacuation. In the absence of a rent payment agreement or any written or oral rental agreement, your client should consider giving his girlfriend three months` notice. The termination must take place before the end of the month and last at least three full months. If you do not move after the notice period has expired, your Mandanin may pursue an eviction action, unless otherwise specified by the family court. Even though she may leave after the notice period has expired, your client should discuss the termination and living conditions with a lawyer familiar with family law, to ensure that when marketing his girlfriend, this will be supported by the family courts. Well, the real question here is whether you like to have a girlfriend (no lease) or would you rather be single pretty quickly (ask for a lease)? Unfortunately, your landlord won`t necessarily know and may be willing to end the tenancy at your spouse`s request if they are the tenant mentioned. Remember that the tenant also needs the landlord`s permission to do any of these things. .