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Sample Scope Of Services Agreement

6.5 Global Agreement. This Agreement (including all referenced Appendices) constitutes the entire Agreement between the Parties. No modification, modification, modification or waiver of any provision of this Agreement is effective unless it is signed in writing and signed by both parties. A Scope of Service contract is part of a contract between your company and the service provider. It should contain the name of the company that initiated the contract, as well as the name of the supplier performing the work. Provide your company name and that of the service provider as well as the two business addresses. Payment terms and amounts are often part of your contract document, but it`s also common to include terms that affect payments in service contracts. In this section of the agreement, you can add a statement that the contractor is not an employee of your company and has no known conflict of interest. b. Reimbursement of non-cancellable services and obligations contracted by the contractor upon completion of the project, provided that the contractor provides the customer with responsibility for the completion of the work or costs incurred. This form assumes that the specific details of the remuneration to be paid are defined in a schedule that is often the structure when variable fees are charged for a large number of services.

A lawyer can discuss whether this is the best option in a given situation. 6.1 xxxx warrants that the services to be provided under this Agreement are provided in a professional manner and in accordance with generally recognized industry standards and practices. (company name) agrees that xxxx is the sole and exclusive obligation for the services covered by this limited warranty, at xxxx`s sole discretion, to correct the non-compliance or refund the service fees paid for the relevant consulting services. The agreement should contain the name of the company that initiated the contract (in this case your company name) as well as the name of the service provider. Be sure to include both business addresses. With the increasing use of technology to facilitate transactions and the adoption of Electronic Signature in the Global and National Commerce Act, this provision is included to allow the parties to sign the agreement electronically. Contact a lawyer to confirm that this option is legal and enforceable under applicable state law and practice. Depending on the nature of your business, you may also want to include a non-compete clause in the volume of services that would protect you from service providers who would jeopardize trade secrets by working with your competitors.

Enter the name of the customer who will receive the company`s services. e. COUNTERPARTIES. The parties agree that fax signatures are as effective as originals….