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The Relationship Agreement Hindi Movie

If your partner gives you a certain number of rules, a list of preferences, disaffections, things he approves, does it make your relationship better? Or worse? Let`s find out with an interesting plot and in a much more humorous way than you can imagine. The play is a new age comedy about a few, weaned on social networks, who pronounces a relational contract written to save themselves from the usual arrangement of trial and error, which is the norm. The play has been performed in different locations in India and has received overwhelming resonance from the theatrical community. Its contemporary hues, funny dialogues and impeccable timing of the occupation were also praised by the media. The Bombay Times summed up the play with the following: “It`s a fun interpretation of relationships. Absolutely a must. The midday tabloid gave a fiery critique that praised the occupation and the narrow direction all around. I gave him eight out of ten. Educated, traveled, intelligent, prosperous and chargé d`affaires Mala Mathur wants to marry a man who can take care of housework while she works. Your uncle, Mr. Mathur, scoffs at this idea and tells her that she will never find a husband this way.

Mala advertises in newspapers and receives a lot of responses. She decides to marry a young man named Shekar Sinha, poor, unemployed and ready to commit to his duties. Before the wedding, Shekar is asked to sign an agreement, no matter what he does. This is how marriage begins, which is not really a marriage, but an employment contract concluded after one year. The question is whether Shekar can survive a year, especially when he doesn`t know how to cook meals for his rich “wife.” Written by rAjOo ( The La Tomatina Festival, which is screened in the film, was reproduced in the Spanish city of Buol, Valencia, with nearly 16 tons of tomatoes coming specifically from Portugal. A couple establishes a relationship contract to avoid attempts and mistakes in a relationship. Things get even more complicated when their parents meet on social media and start making an appointment. Will the young couple be able to respect the agreement? A humorous interpretation of modern relationships, the play is almost like a stand-up comedy – it keeps you completely amused.

The chord is a very entertaining comedy with Rekha, Utpal Dutta and Shailendra Singh in the lead roles. It is a fast and moving film with many events that enter the lives of Mala Mathur (Rekha) and Shekhar (Shailendra Singh). Mala is foreign-trained, experienced and has a modernist vision of the role of women in marriage and challenges the elder uncle Mr. Mathur (Utpal Dutta) to prove her point. The fact is that she will choose a man who will be like a servant and a cook for her, and she will find many candidates to do this job. Director Anil Ganguly did a commendable job of creating the hilarious circumstances surrounding the terms of the deal signed by Mala and Shekhar. Finally, Mala and Shekhar develop a romantic relationship and things end as planned. The whole film is about Rekha, who showed her acting skills very well, especially as a fashion woman, trained abroad in Western dresses and hairstyles. It is hard to imagine that the same Rekha played the immortal role of Umrao Jaan. She`s a wonderful actress. The film will stick you to the events and he is certainly an artist. As an English comedy, the play reflects a piece of life in our modern digital age.

Relationships have been the inspiration for many comic and satirical appearances in all media. The Relationship Agreement, however, gives this ever-popular muse a whole new shoot. The couple in the room signs a binding document they have written and discovers the hard way that it is not easy to break it. Zee TV brings to Singapore on September 8 at the Shine Auditorium a romantic comedy acquired by Zee Theatre of Silly Point Productions, The Relationship Agreement. . . .